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Melbourne, AUS

I have been passionate about acting and writing since I was in primary school, growing up watching mostly comedy as a child. My influences have been shows such as Absolutely Fabulous, Rosanne, Get Smart and Seinfeld, funny shows that blur the lines of absurdity, reality and genius.


Born in Iran, my family moved to Melbourne, Australia when I was three years old, after living in Germany for two years (allowing me to support a team likely to win a FIFA World Cup). Growing up in Melbourne during the 90's inspired me to pursue a more creative path, rather than the traditional ethnic stereotypical careers like Medicine or Law (plus I wasn’t likely to get into either). As well as loving the creative arts, I am proficient in Kyokushin Karate, Kickboxing and Boxing, as well as competition pistol shooting in my spare time.


I studied acting in Los Angeles and moved back to Melbourne to create and tell various stories that include absurdity, reality and genius... well absurdity.



2020 - Miranda, Barron Ground, The Street Theatre Company, D. Nicola Tyndale-Biscoe (Theatre)

2019 & 2020 - Mum, Victorian Fire Season Campaign, Finch Production Company, D. Derin Seale (Commercial)

2017 - Daniah Moabizzi, The Leftovers, HBO, Warner Bros. Television, D. Dan Sackheim (TV)

2016 - Tipstave Alma Aboud, Neighbours, Grundy Television Australia, D. Chris Adshead (TV)

2012 - Receptionist, Please Like Me, ABC Television, D. Matt Saville (TV)


2011 - Parissa, Towelhead Teacher, Independent, D. Fatima Mawas (Short)


2011 - Khadijeh, Fighting for Air, Independent, D. Fatima Mawas (Short)

Arab Film Festival Australia 2012

Warburton Film Festival 2012

Colourfest Film Festival 2012

Arab Camera Festival 2012


2011 - Layla, BB Gun, Independent, D. Fatima Mawas (Short)


2009 - Muslim Woman #1, The Librarians Season Two ABC Television, D. Wayne Hope (TV)



2017 - Small "Family" Business (TV), Pitch & Treatment


2016 - Higher Education (TV), Script Stage


2014 - A Jew and a Muslim Walk into a Bar (TV), Script Stage


2013 - Gem Stone (TV), Script Stage


2011 - Towelhead Teacher (released) (Short)

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