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Higher Education

Higher Education is the comedic tale of four millennials from different backgrounds, but with the same sense of entitlement, entering the world of post graduate education.


Jasmine, 22, is starting her first year of the Juris Doctor after a self indulgent year of travelling, shopping and showing off her travelling and shopping on Instagram, following her bachelor’s degree. Daughter of one of Australia’s richest families, privilege is something that she is used to… flaunting. Along with her friends, Emma, a former rich “It Girl" turned bankrupt wannabe, and Victor, uber macho, flamboyant gay icon, they embark on the beginnings of higher education with the confidence of Kardashians and the wisdom to match.


With the threat of being financially cut off if Jasmine doesn’t grow up and become responsible in order to one day run the family business(es), she unwittingly bets her scholarly arch nemesis, Dan, that she can get a higher mark than him within a year, with the loser of the bet being subjected to the most humiliating punishment ever conceivable. Either Dan will do a hardcore nude shoot for one of the top (more like bottom) gay websites, jeopardising any and all political career, or Jasmine will have to sleep with Dan, jeopardising all self respect and credibility.

Higher Education Script Sample
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