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Towelhead Teacher

Towelhead Teacher Script

Towelhead Teacher was written and released as a short movie for a national short film competition. It was put together in the hopes to produce either a feature length film or television series.


A young teacher, Parissa, faces the new school year with as little enthusiasm as her students. Having little faith in the people around her because of her experiences of peoples' assumptions of her faith, she is determined to change things to her advantage by abusing the Western culture's construct of political correctness.


As she continues to make those around her, including the students & their parents, feel uncomfortable, she is confronted by one hurdle she didn't expect; the school's Principle, Bill.


Despite her best efforts, including partnering up with the flamboyantly homosexual wood-shop teacher, Tristan, for added "minority" factor, Parissa is unable to shake off the watchful eye of Bill, who is equally determined to see past Parissa's "veil" and make her see the potential in what she is actually able to accomplish.

Towelhead Teacher Exerpt
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